The app store uses a Makefile for common tasks. The following useful Make commands are available:

make dev-setup
installs a local development setup (requires previous setup, see Development Installation)
make test
runs the frontend and backend test suite
make lint
runs the code-style checker
make authors
updates the AUTHORS.rst file based on the git database
make docs
regenerates up to html date docs in docs/_build/html
make update-dev-deps
updates your python, bower and npm dependencies
make resetup
kills the current sqlite database and creates a new one


The frontend is written in TypeScript and compiles to ES6 using Webpack.

To run the frontend build make sure that all your deps are up to date:

npm install --upgrade

and then run:

npm run build

If you are developing and wish to automatically compile on filechanges run:

npm run watch


The unit and integration test suite is run by executing the following command:

npm test

If you are developing and wish to automatically re-run your test suite on filechanges run:

npm run watch-test