Store Development

The app store uses a Makefile for common tasks. The following useful Make commands are available:

make dev-setup
installs a local development setup (requires previous setup, see Store Development Installation)
make test
runs the frontend and backend test suite
make lint
runs the code-style checker
make authors
updates the AUTHORS.rst file based on the git database
make docs
regenerates up to html date docs in docs/_build/html
make update-dev-deps
updates your python, bower and yarn dependencies
make resetup
kills the current sqlite database and creates a new one
make test-data
downloads and sets up test apps, needs certificate validation to be disabled and a running server at . Keep in mind that in order to display any app releases on the page you need to first sync the available nextcloud releases with the oldest version being 11.0.0
make prod-data prod_version=12.0.0
similar to make test-data but installs all apps from production for a nextcloud version locally
make l10n
compiles and installs translations


The frontend is written in TypeScript and compiles to ES6 using Webpack.

To run the frontend build make sure that all your deps are up to date:

yarn install

and then run:

yarn run build

If you are developing and wish to automatically compile on filechanges run:

yarn run watch


By default the following users will be ready to use:

  • admin

Running make test-data will additionally create the following users:

  • user1
  • user2
  • user3

All users have the same password as their username


The unit and integration test suite is run by executing the following command:

yarn test

If you are developing and wish to automatically re-run your test suite on filechanges run:

yarn run watch-test